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John McCormick Appointed to City of Chesapeake’s Planning Commission

Davis Law Group is excited to announce that John McCormick has received an appointment to the City of Chesapeake’s Planning Commission.

On September 5, 2015, William Small resigned from his position on the Planning Commission, leaving the 9 member commission with an empty seat. 54 applicants for the position were available in the City’s name bank with backgrounds ranging from police officers to college students to real estate brokers.  Of the 54 applicants, 16 were submitted after Small announced his resignation. Applicants even included a former planning commissioner, a former city councilwoman and a Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney.

The city’s Planning Commission is an important group that, according to the City’s charter, “is responsible for making recommendations to City Council on all phases of city planning, including preparation and maintenance of a Comprehensive Plan, zoning, use permits, subdivision control, and any other powers and duties provided by General Law and Council action.” All applicants are reviewed by City Council Members, then narrowed down to a qualified group, which was then interviewed by the Council Members and finally appointed through Council vote.

Council Member Debbie Ritter was quoted by The Virginian Pilot saying, “The most important thing is to search out applicants with a good background and no agenda. It is a very important commission.” Normally members of the commission are appointed for a four year term, but since this position is filling a vacated seat, McCormick will serve the year left in Small’s term, then will be up for reappointment.

McCormick’s real estate experience and working with local industries through his business and corporate practice made an ideal fit for this appointment. The Commission is especially critical right now as the city undergoes serious growth and development. With areas in the rural and southern sections of the city being recently rezoned and approved for new housing developments, and with several applicants for new condo and apartment developments already underway, the Commission will play a pivotal role in the city’s future growth.

The commission meets at City Hall in the City Council chamber on the second Wednesday of the month. Agendas for the meetings can be found on the city’s website, as well as information on how to speak for or against a project on the agenda. Citizen’s play an important role in the commission’s decisions on projects, so get involved and let your voice be heard.

Our congratulations to John McCormick on his appointment - we look forward to you serving our city well!

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